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Our Formula, Your Future.

At EXIT Realty, we believe that agents are the true assets behind our real estate brand.  And through our unique Formula of single-level residuals and unparalleled agent support, we take care of our assets.

When you become a part of EXIT Realty, you join an organization with an on-going commitment to create the most highly trained and skilled professionals in real estate.

You can earn a six-figure income, and with our Formula, you can enhance this right through your retirement into a beneficiary benefit and leave a legacy of stability for your family.

You can be your own boss, with the flexibility to create your own schedule, and strike that highly sought-after balance between career, home and lifestyle.  And with our Formula of single-level residuals you can build for and enjoy retirement, or continue to enhance your retirement on a part-time basis in a way that no other nine-to-five career allows.

Here’s how EXIT’s Formula of single-level residuals works:  when a salesperson is introduced to management and is recruited into the company, each transaction that they close generates a Sponsoring Bonus.  Not only is EXIT’s Formula perpetual, but it’s also portable.  You can sponsor recruits into any EXIT office across North America.

The EXIT Formula Pays Bonuses In 3 Ways

10% Sponsoring Bonus

Equivalent to 10% of the gross commissions earned by each person recruited by an EXIT Associate, payable to the sponsor via EXIT’s head office, not subtracted from the recruit’s commissions, for as long as the new recruit stays with EXIT and generates sales.

7% Sponsoring Bonus

Sponsoring Bonuses convert into 7% Retirement Residuals when an EXIT Associate takes a break from real estate or retires.  Retirement residuals can be enhanced by continuing to sponsor people into EXIT.

5% Beneficiary Bonus

You can rest assured that your number one priority will be looked after, your family’s financial security.  So, should anything happen, you will already have a pre-determined beneficiary in place.  Your 7% Retirement Residuals convert into 5% Beneficiary Benefits that will continue to provide security for your family for as long as your recruits stay with EXIT and generate sales.

EXIT is the opportunity of a lifetime for any real estate professional, offering benefits that no other company in the industry has.  So WHY EXIT?  Because… WE HELP YOU SUCCEED!