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Why the name “EXIT” Realty?


MILLIONS and MILLIONS of EXIT signs across North America point to the way. You see EXIT every place you go. Think about it…

EXIT is the most advertised name in the world.
EXIT signs must be illuminated by law.
The word EXIT suggests “Safe Passage”.
EXIT signs are always strategically located.
EXIT has a tremendous subliminal effect.
EXIT is memorable – the real purpose of advertising.
The Seller is making an “EXIT”.
EXIT has four letters/two syllables.
EXIT signs are paid for with other people’s money!
Everybody is looking for a way out!

Is EXIT multi-level marketing?

NO – EXIT is a SINGLE LEVEL SYSTEM. If John sponsors Mary and Mary sponsors Bill, then John has nothing to do with Bill because he didn’t sponsor him in.


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What is a residual?

A residual occurs when you do the work once and you get paid over and over again for that work done.

Does the sponsor bonus come out of the sponsor or recruit's commission?

No, the sponsor bonuses are paid by EXIT Realty Corp. International to the agent who sponsored the recruit as a thank you for helping to grow the business. The amount of the sponsor bonus is equivalent to 10% of the gross closed commission of the recruit’s transaction, but it is paid by EXIT’s Head Office, not by the brokerage and not by the agent.

Let me make sure I understand – does the person who sponsored me into EXIT get some of my commission? NO. When you join EXIT, you let us know who is responsible for introducing you to the company. From that point forward, our centralized computer system, MEMO, keeps track of the transactions you close and then EXIT International pays residual income in the form of a bonus equivalent to 10% of your gross closed commission to your sponsor. You are paid your commission as usual by your office; EXIT’s Head Office looks after the payment of all sponsor bonuses.

EXIT Realty’s unique formula of single level residuals is opening doors for income stability to agents in a transitioning market. You owe it to yourself to find out more. Contact us today.