Personality Profiles 101

Professionally certified and absolutely dynamic in her presentation, Angel Tucker empowers you to excel in every interaction you have with people. You will discover how to use your personality strengths to complement every situation and learn how to eliminate the potential pitfalls and stumbling blocks of interpersonal communication.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from this powerful training:

  • Discover each personality’s strengths and challenges
  • Learn how to identify the different types in only 60 seconds
  • Become multi-lingual to speak each “personality language”
  • Improve all of your relationships; both business and personal
  • Gain insights into how others think, feel and act
  • Develop a greater appreciation for each personality type
  • Learn what causes personalities to change

Personality Profiles 101 is loaded with information and easy to use ideas. The course is a powerful, fun and life-changing experience; crucial to both your business and personal success.

Personality Profiles 102

This fast paced training is loaded with everything you need to know to make a ton of money in Real Estate! Angel has combined her knowledge of personality types and her success in the Real Estate business to give you the most dynamic course available for REALTORS® today!

Here’s what you can expect to learn from this powerful training:

  • How to work with Buyers and Sellers based on personality type
  • How to make top dollar for your time
  • Overcoming FSBO objections and discount companies
  • Creating effective advertising, marketing and promotional materials
  • Thinking outside the box to rake in the bucks
  • How to work smarter, not harder
  • How to rake in expired listings and absentee owners
  • How to save yourself 10 YEARS of mistakes in this business

Personality Profiles 102 is an absolute must for every Agent. New Agents will leave feeling equipped to succeed and seasoned Agents will be blown away by all of the things they have been doing wrong! If you are in this business to succeed, attend this training!