Performance Training

The industry’s best coaching and training for your agents at an incredibly affordable price. Bill and Erica Nasby are changing lives with this training. Performance Training is changing the culture in offices, creating a different mindset in agents and adding incredible value to individuals’ lives. Once a week, one hour a week for 12 weeks bring Erica and Bill Nasby into your office, regardless of geographical location, to learn from the best. Bring your agents alive – ask how to book your complimentary sampler today!

Performance Training Benefits:

  • Bring Erica and Bill into your office – everyone gets to interact with them and will benefit from their knowledge and personal attention
  • One-on-one personal and up close real estate training with groups of 2 to 12 people via SKYPE/ ooVoo
  • Holds agents accountable on the ‘process’ weekly
  • Spaced repetition – the result: we move through agents’ mental road blocks and they retain the information being taught
  • Collaborative learning creates a synergy within the group building an office of team players – create a culture of success in your office!
  • Removes and relieves the training pressures from the broker – both financially and time wise (keep in mind the ancient saying, ‘a prophet is without honor in his own land’).

Agent Benefits:

  • Weekly sessions are interactive and personalized to the needs of the office and the agent
  • Individuals work through (personal) limiting beliefs around the business and overcome fears around prospecting
  • Build confidence in presenting
  • Create strong ‘prospectors’
  • Develop a strong habit of prospecting and work incredible follow-up program
  • Learn practical and concrete methods to sell real estate, without blowing their budgets
  • Set goals and make an attainable plan, thus developing focus
  • Organize their time
  • De-clutter their lives
  • Learn how to create a strong prosperity consciousness
  • And much, much more…

Performance Training may be tailored to meet both the broker/owner’s financial and content requirements.