Field Day

During this powerful two day learning experience V.P. Personal Development, Bill Nasby, and Erica Nasby, international speaker and top producing trainer and coach, teach the concept of earning a six-figure income not by working harder, but smarter.

  • Day 1 – ‘Path to Deliberate Creation’ is a blend of wisdom, self-empowerment and practical skills. Work at a subconscious level to break negative habits; learn how to be accountable, how to control your time effectively and most importantly how to really make choices about where you want to be in your life without the limiting beliefs of which you’re not even consciously aware. This is guaranteed to impact your life in a big way and wake you up to positive growth. Get working consistently and efficiently now!
  • Day 2 – ‘Effective Prospecting’ is a practical and effective combination of hands-on prospecting techniques and one-on-one training. The prospecting methods are tested, proven and guaranteed; the follow up is essential for relationship building and is the best in the business for results!
  • Learn how to role-play, and then get out into the field and put your new skills into play with a Nasby by your side. No one in the industry is this ‘hands on’ – and the results are powerful. This program is a necessity for new agents and inspiring for those of us who have been doing this for decades and need a powerful shift!

This course will change your life, not just your business!