EXIT King Realty Hosts Training Event with Rick O’Neil

By October 4, 2017Blog

SarasotaFL (Grassroots Newswire) October 4, 2017 – Real estate agents of EXIT KING Realty joined together on October 2nd and 3rd at Ambassador Training, a two-day course designed to improve public speaking skills and develop confidence when speaking with people one-on-one, in small groups or to an audience.

Ambassador Training is the brainchild of EXIT Realty Corp. International’s Director of Leadership, Bob McKinnon.  McKinnon is an experienced and mature businessperson and has been teaching sales, management and public speaking for more than four decades.  Rick O’Neil, Vice President of Business Development, taught this session. O’ Neil is a National Trainer and Motivational Speaker who was voted by the National Association of Realtors (N.A.R.) as one of the Top 25 Most Influential people in Real Estate.

“The Rick O’Neil training gave me the confidence and self-awareness to reach outside my comfort zone to effectively recruit agents to a company that I firmly believe in and that has changed my life,” said Lauren Fus of EXIT King Realty.

Ambassador Training is taught throughout North America to risk-takers who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone and learn the basics of public speaking.  “Graduates of EXIT Realty’s Ambassador Training are liberated from fear and inhibition and go forth with the tools and confidence they need to become poised, powerful, presenters,” said O’Neil.

About EXIT Realty:  
EXIT is a proven real estate business model that has to-date paid out more than a third of a billion dollars in single-level residual income to its associates across the U.S. and Canada. EXIT Realty’s Expert Marketing Suite™ including geolocation Smart Sign™ technology gives home sellers the edge in a competitive marketplace. The company’s Focus on Good Health initiative promotes wellness at work and home. A portion of every transaction fee collected by EXIT Realty Corp. International is applied to its charitable fund. To-date, $3.5 million has been pledged to Habitat for Humanity.  For more information, please visit www.exitrealty.com.  

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