Colleen’s Corner

By April 18, 2016Blog

I recently read that a simple 2-3 second video can transmit large amounts of historical, emotional, and academic information simply from the imagery portrayed in the shot.

Imagine the power videos can have when you are communicating with your clients and prospective clients using not only imagery, but a well scripted, to the point, targeted message.  Ask yourself, what would you respond better to, a written ad or a personal one-on-one video message?

Some of you may remember Rick DeLuca’s presentation at the Awards Banquet where he strongly suggested “thinking outside of the box” and citing programs such as BombBomb and Eyejot for video marketing.  The personal touch that videos offer vs. print is tenfold.

Did you know that 78% of people watch at least 2 YouTube videos weekly; open-rates increase by 5.6% when videos are included in emails; and that videos can increase the chances of consumers purchasing a product by 35%?  These are just three of many stats crediting video marketing with increased sales and small business growth.

We all know that the dominance of social media as a marketing tool is growing exponentially. No serious business can stick to age-old marketing methods and expect to get ahead these days. Even major search engines now give a lot of value and priority to video content.

Videos usually guarantee accessibility and user retention far more than simple text. All senses are engaged.  Your customers are more likely to watch a quick 1-2 minute video of your services than they are to read a string of text.

I am really excited to delve more into video communications and encourage each of you to “think outside the box” with us, and take your marketing reach farther and with a more personal and inviting approach!

On last week’s Colleen’s Corner, we shared a link to Rick DeLuca’s incredible marketing tools and materials, priced exclusively for EXIT Associates.  I have again extended this offer – please don’t miss this opportunity!